Workshop I: Friends House, London 11 March 2023

9:00-9:15Arrival, welcome, and workshop open.
9:15-10:45Panel 1: Solidarity, Transnationalism, and Aid.
Chair: Sarah Frank

Talat Ahmed (Edinburgh): Pakistan 1968-69 Revolt and British Asian solidarity.

Matthew Graham (Dundee) and Chris Fevre (Free State): International solidarity at the grassroots: a case study of the British Anti-Apartheid Movement. *Virtual

Sanela Bajramovic (Örebro): Hierarchical Sisterhood: Supporting Women’s Peacebuilding through Swedish Aid to Bosnia 1993-2013 *Virtual
11:00-12:30Panel 2: Solidarity, Gender, and Reproduction.
Chair: Emma Lundin

Kate Law (Nottingham): ‘A campaign of genocide’: Contraception, Apartheid, and the African National Congress, South Africa c.1974-1990.

A Francis (Chichester): ‘Each one teaches one’: East London Black Women’s Organisation (ELBWO) and the Black Women’s Movement, 1978-1985. 

Charlotte Riley (Southampton): ‘An Obligation and a Conviction to Work for Women Less Fortunate than I Am’: Joan Dunlop, Women’s Reproductive Rights, and the Work of the Population Council.
13:15- 14:45Panel 3: Solidarity, Exile, and Agency.
Chair: Kate Law

Emma Lundin (Malmö) How to Hone a Host: the ANC of South Africa in Sweden, 1960-1994

Rachel Sandwell (McGill): Red Threads: Women, Communism, and Solidarity in the African National Congress of South Africa’s Exile Years.

Fernando Camacho Padilla (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid): Activism of Chilean exiles in Sweden: political organizations, actions, and major demands. *Virtual
14:45- 15:00Refreshments
15:00- 16:30Panel 4: Solidarity, Humanitarianism, and Conflict. Chair: Rachel Sandwell

Sarah Frank (Sheffield): Colonial Humanitarianism: solidarity and/or support of colonial prisoners in Vichy France.

Fraser Raeburn (Sheffield): ‘Feeling Solidarity in Spain: Transnational Politics, Encounters and Emotion in the 1930s’ 

Jocelyn Olcott (Duke): Guerrilla Warfare on the Research Front: Global South Women’s Networks and the Fight over Political Economy *Virtual
16:30-16:45Workshop Close

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